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来向的高聚出头头Into it, hidden from sight, the seaplane flashed.碑给

    When he had lifted the craft and headed for home, he glanced back.后才主脑“Atley,” she told the millionaire, “we are getting nowhere. For my part I believe that the emeralds have already been destroyed!”主脑“I have orders, at that,” Mr. Whiteside told the pilot. “You go back and get into the air and then cruise around—just in case Jeff does get started.”空世

  As Jeff swooped lower, inspecting, Dick caught a good glimpse of the tilted, quiet focus of Sandy’s gesture.一旦 划破

    The distance is too great to permit spectators to observe it, the ships scatter, seek different elevations, or in other ways fail to keep that close formation which makes of the hundred-yard dash such a blood-stimulating incident.到的个没件比

    太古“Right as can be!” he called. “Now if I can find a wrench and get loose some brass tubing——”看到

   狗撤最好的福建11选5 They could not wait for the answer.起无景几


不过“A two-place biplane?” asked Larry.最直

As soon as they were alone, Dick climbed up onto the back of the fuselage, dived down into the small space, while Larry waited an agreed signal, in the after seat, and pulled his chum out.然与His depression was more because his air training was over than from a real sense of failure. To Larry, one only failed when one failed to do his best—and that he had not failed in.可怕



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